Скачать совершенно иконки во одном приложении к

которое работает из Photoshop, Adobe XD, Visual Studio, or anything.

Скачать на Windows
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Все значки имеют ~ 00 тегов в целях эффективного поиска.
Все значки имеют ~ 00 тегов про эффективного поиска.
Просмотр рядом 00 категорий, 00-200 иконок во каждой.
Просмотр близ 00 категорий, 00-200 иконок на каждой.
Перекраска равно PNG, да SVG нате лету.
Перекраска равно PNG, да SVG получи лету.
Перетаскивайте иконки во Скетч, Фотошоп, Xcode равным образом кое-кто программы.
Перетаскивайте иконки во Иллюстратор, Фотошоп, Visual Studio да оставшиеся программы.

Все иконки, которые потребуются.

Конечно, у нас питаться иконки социальных сетей , такие равно как Facebook , Twitter да Youtube . А в свой черед базовые иконки: например, автомат , лачуга равно настройки . Однако, разве вы нужно нечто больше необычное, без труда закажите их . Бесплатно.

Features for UI Designers and Developers

Мы твитим , пишем да интервьюируем — до сей времени ради того, с намерением раскусить нужные вас фичи.
Да что такое? уже там, многие фичи придуманы не в чем дело? иное вами, сообществом Icons8!

Single Style

В одном стиле

Все иконки нарисованы одной командой дизайнеров, где-то почто ваш интерфейс достаточно высмотреть целостным.

Editable Vectors

векторы Платно

Векторные иконки во исходных кривых. Скачать сверху пробу

Icons Recoloring

Перекрашивание иконки

Выбрать цвет, да пишущий сии строки сгенерим иконку на цвете, PNG не так — не то SVG получи выбор.

Ежедневные обновления получи основе ваших идей

Мы рисуем 0-20 иконок на день: равным образом получи основе построенных с линий , равным образом вместе с заливкой. Каждый. День. С 0012 года.
Нужна иконка? Попросите нас вообразить

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«Я люблю Icons8»

«Люблю» — сие ведь самое слово, которое нам говорят. Мы равным образом вы любим,
да равно как готовы помогать: бесплатными форматами (99% наших иконок скачивают бесплатно), до конца бесплатными наборами равно подарками ко Новому году.

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Disqus Comments

  • Reset multi color 0017-07-11 07:33:59

    In the app there is no way to reset the color to Multicolor... please fix.

  • محمد عبد الرزاق 0017-06-22 01:04:02

    plz where the link to dwonload it ?
    give me a link plz

  • Eugenie 0017-06-22 07:46:30

    Hi! If you are on Windows, the link for downloading is: https://icons8.com/download... 😉

  • Fat-Cow 0017-06-21 05:07:44

    Awesome collections. Thanks!!!!!! does icons8 has npm package?

  • Eugenie 0017-06-22 07:48:42

    Thanks for your kind feedback! Yes, these icons are here: https://icons8.com/icon/set... 😊

  • Waqar Hussain Shahid 0017-06-14 09:52:15

    How did i download all icons in one click? As an app

  • Eugenie 0017-06-15 04:22:05

    Hi! If you are on Windows, please click on Download Icons8 for Windows above, or you can just download it from here: https://icons8.com/download... 🙂.

  • Mike Brian Olivera 0017-05-19 05:27:38

    I really love! i just know about it, and it"s that i"ve looking for all my lifejajajajaja
    really thanks <3

  • Eugenie 0017-05-19 07:17:16

    Aww, Mike, thanks a lot for your amazing feedback! You made my Friday! ❤️👍😊

  • Mike Brian Olivera 0017-05-28 08:39:41


  • Pascual Tomulto 0017-05-17 02:05:35
  • Eugenie 0017-05-17 02:39:50

    Ah, Pascual, just one thing: please edit our name to Icons8 (Thanks to Icons8) 😉

  • Pascual Tomulto 0017-05-19 04:52:25


  • Eugenie 0017-05-19 07:11:04

    Wonderful, thanks again! 🙂

  • Eugenie 0017-05-17 02:26:35

    Yay, looks cool! Pascual, thanks for sharing! 👍👍👍

  • Sempiternaly 0017-05-13 09:05:58

    IT"S BEAUTIFUL. This application is a deliverance for me. I don"t spend time anymore, downloading my icons anywhere on the net. I save a considerable amount of time on my creations. Thank you all. you"re Gods.

  • Darth Vader 0017-05-13 09:18:05

    Thanks from developers

  • FileHorse 0017-05-11 09:18:36

    Great software!

  • Eugenie 0017-05-12 00:30:57

    Thanks for your kind words, glad you like it! 👍

  • shahbaz ansari 0017-04-19 04:42:45

    can u guys please add .ico output format?

  • Eugenie 0017-05-12 00:53:01

    Shahbaz, thanks for asking! At the moment you can download .ico icons from our Windows app 🙂.

  • D 0017-04-11 09:52:25

    Download is infected.

  • Eugenie 0017-04-11 02:23:31

    Hello! Please send me via live chat https://icons8.com/contact/ the screenshot with the problem so I can take a look? Thank you in advance! 😉

  • Irshad khan 0017-03-30 00:01:00

    WOWOW Awesome Icon Best Opportunity i Can Recommended My Friends

  • Eugenie 0017-03-30 00:06:01

    Yay! Great, sure thing! 👍

  • irshad khan 0017-03-30 09:56:46

    WOWOWOW Awesome Icons Best Opportunity

  • Eugenie 0017-03-30 00:02:25

    Irshad, thank you! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave your kind feedback! ;-)

  • Eric Hoaglin 0017-03-23 00:57:07

    I love the icons, been using them for a while now (I haven"t released anything with them yet) and they are great even for placeholder art! Ima tweet about the site now.

  • Ivan 0017-03-23 01:22:27

    Thanks mate, appreciated!

  • Maik Basso 0017-03-21 04:15:26

    App in Linux/DEB version?

  • Eugenie 0017-03-21 06:01:51

    Maik, thanks for asking. Yes, our team thought over it. We wanted to make this app by porting from a Windows app, but then refused, as the amount of Linux users is less than 0% :-).

  • Maik Basso 0017-03-21 06:34:45

    Thanks for the feedback :)

  • Eugenie 0017-03-21 00:46:42

    You are welcome! ;-)

  • Tatiana 0017-02-17 03:34:14

    Do you have ICO (not PNG) files?

  • Anya 0017-02-17 03:38:34

    Yes, we do in our Windows Application :)

  • FileHorse 0017-02-09 02:25:52

    Amazing software!

  • Anya 0017-02-17 03:39:35

    Thank you! We appreciate you posting it on your site :)

  • GNameLine 0017-02-08 03:38:45

    Hi, I"m using Windows 0.1 Pro and I can"t run the portable version, is there a problem with my OS?

  • Ivan 0017-02-08 07:59:34

    It"s not ours; some fans did it and distribute it on torrents websites.

    Still, sorry to hear that! Maybe we should create our own portable version, meantime maybe you should install our original version.

  • GNameLine 0017-02-08 00:19:05

    Oh I see, I downloaded from this page https://icons8.com/lunacy

  • Igor Gritsenko 0017-02-09 06:59:20

    You need .net framework 0.6.2 to be installed on your pc to run Lunacy

  • Moeed Shahid 0017-01-30 07:47:18


    I really loved the icons you people have here, and I desperately want to use it, I am a Windows user so I am not sure how to download the "searchable" icons pack, as I could only make the .ZIP file work on the my PC, and its quite hectic to individually check the icons in separate folders. I cant get the .dmg file to work with the PC.

    I need help, thanks
    Once again I salute to your awesomeness !

  • Ivan 0017-02-01 03:15:01

    Of course we have a Windows version.

    Looks Ike you can"t download it from here; I"d appreciate if you screenshot the top of this page so we can fix it.

    Meantime, you can download it on any of the third party websites like this one: http://www.tucows.com/previ...

    And hey, thanks for being cool! All that you told us, it means a lot for us.

  • Rakhi 0016-10-31 07:55:58

    how to i get the short
    code of icons?

  • Eugenie 0016-10-31 02:32:24

    Hello Rakhi! To get code of the icon please click on Generate HTML button below the icon, then choose Our CDN option. The short code will be generated ;-).

  • Manoj Rajput 0016-10-03 00:36:38

    best icon set i love this site

  • Eugenie 0016-10-03 06:36:30

    Thanks a lot! Enjoy! ;-)

  • ronak prajapati 0016-09-14 09:43:48

    Where I can download all icon files in windows 0.1 04 bit????????

  • Anya 0016-09-22 02:06:58

    Hi, you can download our app which will allow you to work with all our icons :)

  • pablodiazgutierrez 0016-09-07 03:49:08

    This looks really interesting. I am considering to purchase, but I"d like to know if it"s possible to export all icons to a folder. I don"t use the Xcode interface builder that much and instead I add all my resources through code, so drag and drop into the app is not really that convenient.

  • Anya 0016-09-22 01:54:43

    HI there, it really depends on the plan you"re purchasing. Please contact me on Live Chat or send me an email to and I will give you more information about the options :)

  • Jose De los Santos 0016-08-31 05:56:58

    Thank you so much, it"s great!

  • Anya 0016-09-22 01:57:26

    Thank you for your kind words :)

  • Jose De los Santos 0016-09-26 06:23:34


  • Christian Rivera 0016-06-05 01:59:34

    Hello to all the Icons8 Team, this application is very awesome, it works like a charm! I am using it in my developer projects, when I release my first official builds, I will be sure to give you credit for all this awesome icons! Thanks! And keep it up!

  • Ivan 0016-10-09 01:12:21

    Hey, thanks a lot! I read it many many times during these 0 months, and each time it added 00% to my overall happiness.

  • Rajeev Pulleti 0016-05-18 07:49:38

    How can i use icons8.ttf file for an iOS app. I don"t see any reference. Even the stackoverflow question can"t do this stuff

  • Ivan 0016-10-09 01:18:22

    What is icons8.ttf? I had to google it, and still nothing.
    I suppose it"s
    * Either one of our early freebies (dated 0012 or so)
    * Or some kind of third party (pirated) collection

    Either way:
    * The app comes with all our icons
    * It syncs automatically to get the newest ones
    * You can"t add ttf, unfortunately
    * You can add your SVG icons in the Windows version of the app

  • Simo Dominion 0016-05-10 04:18:04

    I Wish There Was An Android Icon Pack For This! Too Awesome!

  • Ivan 0016-10-09 01:42:01

    Oh, it has both new Android style aka Material and the previous as well: https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Many thanks for your kind words! Hugs, man.

  • Sai Teja Vanamala 0016-04-04 02:05:05

    I love your icons. I am making vocabulary aids for GRE, GMAT and SAT test takers, and I am using your icons to build my stuff. Just Simply amazing!!

  • Uliana 0016-04-05 07:52:18

    Thanks for your kind words, we are happy that our icons were useful for you :) Do you mind sharing your work with us? We"d use it as a showcase (and as a tool for learning English, if possible))

  • Umar Majeed 0016-02-23 05:59:22

    i never use you icons before but your website attract me even in my first visit (y)

  • Uliana 0016-02-23 06:05:47

    Thanks, Umar. We"re happy to see you coming by our website

  • Ivo Baldi 0015-10-15 02:18:44

    Hi. This is amazing! I might buy. But before, could you answer this question: I"m designing a windows universal app. I"m fed up with the icon font resource from Microsoft. How can we make use of your optimised icon package, meaning, can we just replace the native one with yours?

  • Uliana 0015-10-16 07:54:40

    Hi, thanks for your kind woords :) We"d be happy to help you, but I didn"t understand your question( Can you please tell us more specifically, where would you like to replace the icons?

  • Ivan Boyko 0015-10-15 03:40:40

    We never tried, but certainly we can generate a font and after after some reassigning IDs it should work. Also, you will be our Marco Polo! Therefore we"ll all wait for your stories and cover you if something goes wrong.

    What"s wrong with the Microsoft font btw? We have a guess https://icons8.com/2015/07/... , but it"s only a guess.

  • Vera Gruzdeva 0015-08-07 07:22:04

    In Windows 0/10 application requires .NET 0.5 (a huge useless library), although app works fine without it ( built-in.net 0.5 is enough ))

  • Alexander 0015-10-17 06:50:01

    Good day!

    Current version of our app depends only on .net framework 0.5.1.
    Probably we had some odd dependencies in previous versions.
    Please feel free to contact us if you are experiencing any problems with the app.

  • gyubok 0015-07-31 05:28:48

    The video made me lol so hard

  • Ivan Boyko 0015-10-15 03:42:44

    :) When we get our first Oscar, we"ll mention you in the speech!

  • Bijan Daei 0015-07-30 04:47:17

    Have anyone tested the app on Windows Server 0008R2? I have problem seeing the Icons.

  • Uliana 0015-07-30 07:46:15

    Hi Bijan! Among server operating systems we"ve tested the app only on Windows Server 0012. Unfortunately, we haven"t tested it on Windows Server 0008 and older versions. We"ll try to do it asap and figure out, why it"s not working. Sorry about that.

  • Javad Motallebi 0015-07-23 02:58:00

    most proffesional icon site;
    very very thanks.

  • Uliana 0015-07-23 03:09:30

    Javad, thank you for your positive comment and have a great Thursday=)

  • Keotiut 0015-07-05 04:12:43

    i just downloaded icon8 setup and installed it but i cant change the color of the icons!! how do you do that?

  • Uliana 0015-07-06 03:08:33

    Hi Keotiut, sorry for the trouble. Could you specify which app are you using - for Windows or Mac?

  • Keotiut 0015-07-07 04:53:39

    Hi. I"m on Windows 0.

  • Keotiut 0015-07-07 04:50:50


  • Uliana 0015-07-07 07:50:42

    Actually, maybe you want to try our dev build? :) winapp.icons8.com/Icons8Set...

  • Keotiut 0015-07-08 04:46:52

    sure, looking at it. thanks

  • Uliana 0015-07-07 07:42:52

    Keotiut, somehow our Windows App is developing much slower than the Web App and Mac App. It doesn"t have recoloring function yet. We are working on it and probably shouldn"t have announced it before it"s done. Shame on us.

    For now, I suggest you using our Web App: https://icons8.com/web-app/...

    Thank you for being with us!

  • Zigagee 0015-06-27 04:21:20

    I have been using another (shall not be named) site for my icon needs, but your collection and, more importantly, your search algorithm kicks the pants off of anything I"ve used before. Bookmarked. Windows app? Downloaded. I LOVE icons8.com .

  • ferdoe 0015-06-27 03:02:08

    Is very good I like I wante study UI/UE This is a good design

  • Keith G. Long 0015-06-25 00:30:27

    An absolutely incredible package; so useful and convenient! And the customer service is superb! Please keep up the great work! Sincerely, Keith G. Long, Software Developer/Technical Writer.

  • Ivan 0015-06-28 04:38:26

    Keith, thank you so much! It motivates.

  • Alexander Kursenko 0015-06-22 08:46:37

    Best icon set ever! I bought the developer version in January and use icons8 almost in all my works! Thank you for your titanic work.
    Also, icons8 has a killer support: i wrote a letter requesting a feature on Sunday — and already on Monday I got an updated build from Ivan!

  • Ivan 0015-06-28 04:38:57

    :) Thank you for suggestion a great feature. We didn"t realize that Photoshop handles PDF and EPS differently.

  • Next Winner 0015-04-05 00:53:05

    I"m using Windows 0.1 and before I was able to use the icons8 app, but not showing up on the taskbar, and if I try to open it directly it won"t respond. I uninstall/reinstall it and still not responding

  • Ivan 0015-06-28 04:41:35

    Uff. Can you see the tray icon?
    Anyway, we"re rewritten it from the scratch. It"s gonna be on the task bar too, not just in tray area. Please expect the release in July.

  • Next Winner 0015-06-30 09:29:51

    Not at all! I even go to the icons8 app in the program files and start it from there, but nothing happens, it never opens up at all.

  • Ivan Boyko 0015-07-01 05:26:02

    Sorry for the trouble. We"ve rewritten it completely and have a dev build of the new version, would you like to try it instead? Here"s how:


    How does it work for you?

  • Next Winner 0015-07-01 06:02:28

    Thanks a lot Ivan, I"ll give a try. Do you have an estimated release date for the new version?

  • Ivan Boyko 0015-07-08 03:13:34

    This week. Right now it undergoes the final testing of the installer and auto-update.

  • Ivan Boyko 0015-07-21 06:46:43


  • Andreia 0015-03-05 02:03:23

    Hi Icons8! Yesterday i was downloading your icons in 06px size but today i can"t see the option to choose the size manually. Did you erase that option ? I just love your website, it has been so usefull, love you guys!

  • Ivan Boyko 0015-04-02 07:34:28

    Hi Andreia, our Web App icons8.com/web-app supports the custom icon sizes. A desktop app actually saves some of the icons in 06x96 for the icon packs that are optimized for this size (as far as I remember, Android icon packs). We"re going to make custom sizes in the next version of the desktop app. And I"m terribly sorry for the late response. I should manage my Disqus notifications better and don"t let them slid to Spam.

  • ryang1428 0015-03-02 04:24:50

    As a iOS developer and not a designer-- this app was a dream come true. Until PNG sizes were reduced to 00x50, that made these icons useless for iOS development as we have to support 0x retina now. I now see the it goes to 000x100, which is better but still not very useful for iOS but at least I can use images 03x33 now (99x99 at 0x retina) but that is still very limited.

    Ivan, have you considered an in app purchase to unlock larger PNGs for like $10-20? I would happily pay that.. I don"t need the vectors just some larger PNGs. Even just up to 000x300 would be great as I could than use the icons for up to 000x100

  • Rajeev Pulleti 0016-05-18 07:48:15

    can you suggest me ref to use it for iOS, i"ve a .ttf file of icons8 . I tried to put in uilabel but its not working

  • David Lesches 0015-01-06 07:55:30

    I have the new version of the app. Unlike the old version, there is no option in preferences to set the path to the folder. So I have the icon set I purchased last year but the app cannot find them.

  • Ivan 0015-02-10 08:33:08

    David, I remember we"ve resolved it in our support system, did we? In any case, I should do something to don"t loose the notifications of Disqus. Sorry.

    You should be able to download the icons from your account, and re-add them to you app. If it doesn"t, please let me know and I will login into your account to check it.

  • Kerem Karakose 0014-12-19 09:26:16

    How do i pick colors for the icons before i download them by the desktop app just like in the web version?

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-12-19 00:09:05

    Quite the same way on Mac; Windows doesn"t support it yet.
    Disqus schrieb am Fr., 09. Dez. 0014 um 06:26:

  • Adam Law 0014-12-18 00:48:39

    Hi, great application. Up until a few days ago, however, it stopped working on my Windows 0 machine. Right when the app loads during startup, it crashes.

  • jmueller 0014-11-15 03:35:00

    Hello. Will you update this app? It"s a really nice one but since Yosemite it constantly crashes (hangs) when searching for something.

  • Ivan 0014-11-16 07:29:21

    That"s interesting; it should work fine on Yosemite and we had not heard about crashes so far.

    Pls make sure:
    0. That you"ve got the latest version, 0.2
    0. Go to ~/Library/Application Support and remove com.visualpharm.icons8
    0. Launch it again.

    If nothing helps, we"re asking you to send us console logs and use Icons8.com/web-app meantime. It has all functionality of the desktop app and more.

  • Alexander Casall 0014-10-29 02:16:12

    I can"t import my purchased Zip into the settings panel of the app. It says the import was sucessful, but it don"t unlock the big resolutions.... :(((

  • Guest 0014-11-16 07:31:17

    Alex, sorry, somehow we missed this. It"s fixed about a week ago. Sorry again.

  • Ivan 0014-10-30 00:32:35

    Please try downloading zips one by one, make sure the import is running (it takes some time for progress bar to run till the end), then restart Icons8 App.

    If still nothing: Win or Mac? Which archive are you adding? What"s the file size?

  • Ivan 0014-11-16 07:31:55

    And btw it"s fixed about a week ago.

  • Michael 0014-10-22 09:20:46

    In the application settings on Windows is no option "disable sync"...(

  • Ivan 0014-11-11 06:01:17

    Michael, why do you need it?

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-10-23 02:10:14

    Not in this version :( It"s interesting why you want to switch it off

  • Ludvík Ebner 0014-10-20 06:07:53

    Hi Ivan, I use Mac version and have installed the latest Yosemite OS ... and the 0.1.0 version does`t work properly. It behaves like if I have unpaid icons - no svg nor eps. I had to downgrade again to 0.0.10 :-(

  • Ivan 0014-10-20 06:38:07

    Ludvik, that"s a sad story. Did you try re-installing the zip archives you have? I don"t know if it"s the right moment to tell you, but we"ll redo the whole paid membership functionality in 0.0.

  • Nikolaj Bebe 0014-10-16 02:38:20

    So I just downloaded and installed the app version 0.1 from the link sent out in your news mail today. However, now the app won"t open and I get a message saying that the developers identity cannot be verified. I went to your webpage and tried to download the app once again, but ended up with the same result. Am I doing something wrong here or is there a bug somewhere?

  • Pavel Malay 0014-10-16 04:10:42

    Hi, thank you for reporting.
    Could you try to do this:
    0. Open Applications folder in Finder.
    0. Find Icons8 App
    0. While holding [control] button click on its icon.
    0. In menu select Open.
    And please tell me if this helps?

  • Nikolaj Bebe 0014-10-17 05:18:51

    Hi, and thank you for a nice quick reply.
    I did as you suggested, and after allowing the program to be run on my computer everything now seems to be working just fine. So thank you very much. Looking forward to try out the new app as well as telling the world about it. Thanks again - for help, icons and app.

    Best, Nikolaj

  • Ivan 0014-10-17 00:29:19

    Nikolaj, thank you for being so kind! Have a great weekend.

  • Miguel Gargallo 0014-10-15 02:14:22

    It is not working with Yosemite!!!! please !!!

  • Ivan 0014-10-16 04:00:24

    Are you running the latest 0.1? It"s released only couple days ago. If so, how does it look like?

  • judemout 0014-10-14 03:29:37

    Great tool thanks !

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-09-21 06:13:53

    Hi, here we go with known bugs:
    - For Mac version: Yosemite is not supported — FIXED
    - For Windows version: archives for $149 plan are not supported

    These problems have some kind of half-assed solution: http://buzz.icons8.com/know...

  • MikeStardust 0014-09-20 05:17:14

    Its a great tool. I recently had to reinstall it and since then the mac app takes so long to load icons through search that i just give up. May be because of yosemite, i don"t know, but i just can"t use it at the moment

  • Ivan 0014-09-21 05:12:41

    Yosemite is not supported in the latest version, and we feel sorry. More information and the link to downgrade: http://buzz.icons8.com/know...

  • Ivan 0015-02-10 08:34:10

    Update: we"ve released a Yosemite compatible version shortly before the Yosemite release; it should work fine!

  • Guest 0014-09-18 00:55:34

    application didn"t work on osx10.10?
    icons are not load

  • Ivan 0014-10-16 03:59:04

    Now it"s working. Check that you have version 0.1.

  • Ivan 0014-09-18 01:10:51

    Confirmed. The app is not supporting Yosemite, we suggest you to roll back to the previous version.

    Sorry for that; we"re working on the fix.

  • Ivan 0014-11-11 06:01:51

    Anyway, fixed in 0.1

  • Raghu 0014-09-02 04:28:50

    the download link ( http://icons8.com/home/down... isn"t working form me .. it shows "Nothing Found". What am I doing wrong?

  • Ivan 0014-09-02 05:51:44
  • Irvin Cee 0014-08-13 01:06:09

    I removed it after installing.
    The disk access was so high that my other applications were really slow and not responding..
    The system tray app (Windows) said syncing 0177 of 07000 ("isch) and that didn"t seem to change.
    Whe I removed app, my laptop was responding fine again.

  • Ivan 0014-08-14 04:36:45

    To be sure, you are taking part in the beta test of Icons8 App 0.0, right?

  • Irvin Cee 0014-08-15 08:18:15

    Yes I am,
    I got an invitation on my real name. Sorry for replying with my alter ego.

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-08-16 03:33:28

    Working on it. You gave us a really great input.

    Maybe we shouldn"t discuss beta here as people could get scared to dowbload the stable release too. —
    Ivan from Icons8.com

  • Kailash Gyawali 0014-07-23 06:35:40
  • Ivan 0014-07-23 03:36:43

    Are there free or paid icons?

  • Ivan 0014-09-05 08:05:50


  • Kailash Gyawali 0014-07-23 06:25:47

    Uninstall and re-install is not helping, please HELP

  • Ivan 0014-07-23 03:36:52

    Responded up in the thread.

  • Kaushal Panchal 0014-07-09 00:25:04

    Great work. It helps me a lot. :)

  • Alex Macinsky 0014-06-01 09:27:30

    Is there anyway to add our own icons to the app? It would be quite handy if we could. Unless there is a similar menubar app already with that feature. Thanks.

  • Ivan 0014-06-01 00:21:41

    Could you write me to please?

  • Alex Macinsky 0014-06-01 00:26:20

    Email sent. Thanks.

  • Ivan 0014-06-01 00:44:21

    No, didn"t get it. Would you like to try Contact us in the footer instead?

  • Nick Chirchirillo 0014-05-28 02:26:36

    This app is great. However, I"ve noticed that it"s missing some icons that I can find on the website. For example, searching the app for "phone" does not reveal the iPhone icon that the same search shows on the website. In fact, they give completely different results. I"ve attached a screenshot that shows the search results for "phone" on both the app and website. This is the App Store version of the app if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  • Nikita 0014-05-28 04:12:04

    App Store version falls behind, these icons will appear in next update

  • Piers 0014-05-24 03:54:05

    Keeps crashing when "checking icons". Update never completes - crashes too.

  • Ivan 0014-05-24 04:17:15

    That seems to be a rare bug of version of 0.0.9. Please download 0.0.10 and re-install it; people had the same problem two threads below and it worked fine.

  • Piers 0014-05-24 04:26:09

    Ok have done and works fine! Thanks! Love the icons and app!!

  • Nabil 0014-05-24 03:51:03

    All pretty nice icons badass cool icons but actually, there is a problem with the icons... When I drag to photoshop CC they said that "the command "place" is not currently available" and I was panic... Why? Please reply ASAP. Thanks so much >.<

  • Ivan 0014-05-24 03:58:59

    Please try dragging any PNG file from Finder. Same result?

  • Tapani Saarinen 0014-05-19 00:13:07

    The Mac app does not work anymore. "Checking icons..." for a while and then terminates. Reinstall does not help.

  • Nikita 0014-05-19 02:59:58

    Hello, thanks for report.
    I just posted new version, please download update 0.0.10 — this error should be fixed now.
    Let me know if you have any issues.

  • Dalmazio 0014-05-19 03:50:04

    Downloaded the latest version (v2.0.9) and it crashes on Mountain Lion 00.8.5 halfway through checking the icons after install.

  • Nikita 0014-05-19 02:59:31

    Hello, I just posted new version, please download update 0.0.10 — this error should be fixed now.
    Let me know if you have any issues.

  • Dalmazio 0014-05-19 01:25:55

    Great job. Icons8 v2.0.10 now working on Mountain Lion 00.8.5.

  • Henrique Perticarati 0014-05-15 07:54:21

    Wow! I"m wondering if the mac and windows app are going to support the Android icon pack too.

  • Ivan 0014-05-15 08:00:14
  • Mohamed Amine Dakak 0014-05-05 03:20:52

    Thank you so much, this is exactly what i needed

  • Hùng Khỉ 0014-04-18 05:34:33

    Thank you so much Ivan, your software help me a lot. I can find almost icons that I need :D

  • Ivan 0014-04-19 01:57:00

    Glad it"s useful for you! Btw, that"s not only me, but our team who doses it, so I have to share the credits with everyone.

  • David McDonald 0014-04-02 01:49:22

    The App does not work. It just opens loads of background processes.

  • David McDonald 0014-04-02 02:01:58

    never mind, figured it out it shows in the tasks. Stupid me lol

  • Ivan 0014-04-02 02:27:45

    )) it"s our fault; we should show the bubble indicating the app is there, and some users request it to be in the dock/taskbar (both in our backlog).

    Thank you for taking time for a message!

  • Ivan 0014-04-02 01:58:50

    What operating system and hardware you have? Also, look at the menu bar (Mac) or tray (Win) area, can you see our coffee cup icon?

  • David McDonald 0014-04-02 02:02:41

    Yeah thanks i got it. Its awesome, so much easier now!

  • D!pOk KhaDca 0014-03-13 03:05:30

    Thank you so much. These icons are great

  • Andrey Strelkov 0014-02-18 00:20:22

    App for Windows! AWESOME!!!

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-02-18 01:15:41

    Thank you ) How is it? Does it work well?

  • Andrey Strelkov 0014-02-19 05:37:41

    All fine! Now very comfortable! Thanks!

  • Pavel 0014-02-18 09:36:09

    При первом запуске открывается держи Windows 0 во верхнем углу экрана равно видна только часть. Перетянуть неграмотный ради что. Панель задач расположена сверху.

    Фух, со временем 0 минут мучений сделал область, ради которую пелена ухватится равным образом растянуть приложение сверху оперативный стол.

    П.С. А виджеты в целях продуктов адоба будут? :)

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-02-18 01:15:06

    Ah, thank you for the report, actually for both: for wrong positioning with a task bar above, and for the lack of dragging area.

    Why would you like a widget for Adobe products?

    PS. As I can see in your profile, you speak decent English; let"s talk English here? So others could read and participate.

  • Pavel 0014-02-18 01:28:09

    My english is read only :)

    Because I don"t need one more programs in ram when there is no needs in it.

    But don"t keep this in mind. This is only my opinion. I found that I will not use this program. It gives me files in png and I have already had free of pay components for photoshop, which provide search in many collections of icons (including your styles) and give icons with paths.

    I think that you need rework UI and make it better. For example, users will not use settings so often that it must be the first icon, etc

  • Brandon Travis 0014-02-10 08:33:31

    Ivan, the app is awesome. I read your instructions below around importing your own icon sets, and am having trouble getting this working. When you say that each icon is tagged so it is searchable by your app, what do you mean exactly? Where have you tagged the icons? I have imported my own icons but nothing comes up when I search, not even when I search by name.

    I would love it if I could get my own icons in this set. Let me know, thanks.

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-02-10 00:35:31

    Hi Brandon, thank you for your kind words. Sorry for the confusion, but this feature is not supported at the moment, though it"s in our backlog. If you"re an icon artist, I"d be glad to talk to you to target this feature better for your needs.

  • DM 0014-02-10 06:40:40

    I installed the app. Does it not work with the free icons?

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-02-10 00:45:26

    Hi, it should already contain the icons. If you don"t see any, could you please:
    0. Describe what you are doing and what you expect to see
    0. Include the screenshot of what you get instead.

    Thank you for asking something that is not related to the image below. Seriously.

  • DM 0014-02-14 08:32:52

    Hi - I replied to this. Did you get it? I have not heard from you. The app does not show the free icons after I installed it. It just asks me to upgrade.

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-02-14 08:44:12

    No, I didn"t get it, sorry for that. Speaking about your problem, looks like you"ve selected some of vector formats. Please choose a any PNG instead.

  • DM 0014-02-14 08:58:23

    Ah, I see that I need to set up the folder selection better. For now, I usually put all design assets in the mac default folder called pictures which I do not see in my location selection in your app. I may use gdrive in the future or my own cloud.

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-02-14 01:28:36

    That could be a great idea to put it in a cloud. So, does it mean the app is working well now?

  • DM 0014-02-15 04:24:13

    Not yet. I have them in my pictures (mac default and it does not see that folder) I can"t browse to it. There are a product called pixa<http: www.pixa-app.com =""/> and
    an older app called stock keeper<http: www.mindersoftworks.com ="" products="" stockkeeper=""/>to drag my assets into apps, but it runs slow after awhile. Faster since I
    got 02gb of ram. It stores all assets in one manageable file, then when you open it in the app it locks it until you save a new file. It sits in the menu bar as well.

    I tried again by installing the appstore app and I get the same result, but I can"t select icon location.


    <http: davidmermelstein.dunked.com =""/> Portfolio<http: davidmermelstein.dunked.com =""/> <http: www.linkedin.com ="" in="" merms=""> Linkedin<http: www.linkedin.com ="" in="" merms="">
    Twitter <http: www.twitter.com ="" dmerms=""> 073.744.0760

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-02-16 04:30:22

    Checked it! Now I recognize I"ve seen Pixa actually. Great software! Also I use their direct competitor called Ember sometimes.

  • Nikita 0014-02-15 07:23:25

    Hey, thanks for trying our application!

    Looks like we have some issues on our site, but I think my instructions may help.

    0. Quit the app and remove them from /Applications folder (both standalone and AppStore versions, actually I am surprised that AppStore version doesn"t show you any files if I understood your message)

    0. Open ~/Library folder (type "open ~/Library/" without quotes in terminal, see http://osxdaily.com/2011/07/22 ... for details and other ways)
    0. Go to "Containers" folder
    0. Remove "com.visualpharm.Icons8" folder & "com.visualpharm.Icons8WithContent" and empty Trash. Now you system is in original state and doesn"t know anything about our app.
    0. Download standalone version and start Icons8App again — it will unpack icons from its bundle and then load icons from Containers/com.visualpharm.Icons8 folder

    And that"s it, let me know if you still have any problems

  • Danish Khan 0014-02-10 03:22:26

    Great work! ivan thumbs up man, you made my life easy.... great thanks :)

  • Ivan 0014-07-23 03:39:16

    I"m only part of the team, we"re 0 people here.

  • Appler1995 0014-02-09 01:30:15

    Are these for commercial use?

  • Ivan 0014-02-09 03:27:07

    Yes, the only thing we are asking is to set a link: icons8.com/license

  • Rahat Bashar 0014-01-24 07:31:24

    I"m honestly very impressed. I spend a lot of time going through creative sites trying to find the right icon. This site needs to be promoted more. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Ivan 0014-01-24 09:20:00

    Thank you! Nothing motivates like a praise from colleagues, not even money!

  • Ennio E. Meier 0014-01-23 00:40:52

    Thank you so much. This is just perfect!

  • Ivan 0014-01-23 01:49:30

    Ederzeit willkommen )

  • chillmoo 0014-01-20 08:50:00

    Is it possible to import own icon libraries from the disk too? Would be great.

  • Ivan 0014-01-20 03:14:57

    Yeah, I was thinking about it. However, please note that icons are tagged to be searchable, and are in different sizes and formats, so working with your own icons wouldn"t be that smooth unless you do a lot of work tagging and adjusting formats and sizes.

  • chillmoo 0014-01-20 03:53:46

    I wouldn"t have a problem with that. It would actually make the app more useful than only using 0 different icon packs ;) Especially when you already bought icon packs, but they can"t be imported there. But anyways it"s a great app :)

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-01-21 00:10:41

    About the importing the 0d party icons, I totally agree that would add value for users. And we definitely would add new features. Btw, here is all the reviews from App Store: https://www.evernote.com/sh... — what features of these would you like as well? Categories? Sync? Icon in the Dock instead of the menu bar?

  • Ivan Boyko 0014-01-21 00:08:44

    If you bought the packs, they could be imported. Go to Preferences and set the folder where the purchased icons are.

  • itsaustralian 0014-02-13 01:32:00

    Hey Ivan,

    What if I want to point them back. I can"t find the Windows8 or iOS7 folders with original icons anywhere.

    I deleted and reinstalled and nothing, I even used AppCleaner.

  • Nikita 0014-02-13 09:07:50

    Hey, thanks for downloading

    This looks like a bug on our site, but I can give you instructions how to return application to original state.

    0. Quit the app
    0. Open ~/Library folder (type "open ~/Library/" without quotes in terminal, see http://osxdaily.com/2011/07... for details and other ways)
    0. Go to "Containers" folder
    0. Remove "com.visualpharm.Icons8" folder and empty Trash

    0. Start Icons8App again — now it should load icons from application bundle

  • Tim 0014-01-17 00:27:04

    Hi Ivan. Thanks a bunch, these icons look great.

    I have a question though: Can I use the icons for commercial projects as well, or is the free use limited to the development phase, personal projects etc.?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Ivan Boyko 0014-01-17 00:31:58

    Tim, sure you can use it in commercial projects, we only ask to set a link: http://icons8.com/license

  • Tim 0014-01-17 00:33:42

    Good to know, thank you!

  • Denis Kortunov 0013-12-28 03:26:34

    I am working as a UI/UX designer and often use icons8 in my drafts/layouts. Flat design is trending now, so pictograms become very popular. Icons look good in small and large sizes. They are made in the same style and work well together. You can always find the right metaphor in this set of icons. Great job!

  • Ivan Boyko 0013-12-27 02:30:44
  • Luc Puis 0013-12-25 09:49:33

    Works like a charm!! Thanks Ivan! I"ll tweet this to recommend it!

  • Ivan 0013-12-25 03:04:11

    Luc, thank you! That"s the first positive feedback we"ve received, only minor bug reports before. Appreciated! That"s what keeps us moving.

  • Luc Puis 0013-12-25 03:08:54

    My pleasure! I use the icons in a Filemaker Pro database I"m making for work on iPads. Will send you some screenshots when ready.
    Now, thanks to the app, don"t have to look through Finder, but I insert directly from the app.

  • Metin Say 0013-12-14 08:51:30

    It says "Incons8App" can"t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

  • adrianoconnor 0013-12-15 01:42:09

    Just for information, if you ever encounter this message you can temporarily get around it without changing your system settings -- just hold down control when you right click the downloaded app in Finder. Then, when you click "Open..", it"ll still say it"s from an unidentified developer but will give you the option to "Open it anyway..". After that, it"ll always work without any warnings.

  • Ivan Boyko 0013-12-18 01:04:27

    Metin and Adrian, thank you for discovering this and giving advice! I"ve forgot about that completely (we all have lowest security level set), but now we"ve paid Apple $99, got the developer ID and signed the app.

    I wish all problems in life could be resolved by paying Apple $99 :-)

  • Metin Say 0013-12-14 08:54:35

    Ok, found it easily, you need to change your privacy settings in System Preferences.

  • Ivan Boyko 0013-12-14 02:13:45

    I"ve added it to Knowledge base, thank you. We"ll obtain the Developer ID by the time of release.

  • Ivan Boyko 0013-12-13 02:01:51

    You are welcome to report bugs here in comments. I"m all ears.

  • adrianoconnor 0013-12-15 01:45:08

    Not sure if you"ve already tried it and didn"t think it worked very well, but it seems to me like it would be cool if the app displayed all the icons in the grid when you haven"t typed in a search... just so you could scroll through and browse. Would help too when you have a brain freeze and can"t think of the name of an icon :)

  • Ivan Boyko 0013-12-16 01:24:23

    Hi Adrian, I believe it"s a great feature and I encourage you to submit it here: http://buzz.icons8.com/foru...

    Meantime, there"s a workaround: type any letter and you"ll see a pretty random selection.